German SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024 Fully Funded

Hii Everyone! Today we are going to discuss another German scholarship on world level. The SBW Berlin Scholarship now accepting application for the academic year 2024. It is a fully funded German scholarship for international students. The scholarship offered bachelor and Master degree program to study in Germany.

The aim of this scholarship is to help those students who want to study in abroad but they are financially week and cannot afford to study in Germany. The SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024 cover your all expense like monthly allowance, tuition fees, accommodation, and living expense. You may like to apply in University of Hawaii Scholarship 2024 in USA.

These scholarships are the best opportunities for international students. Every year thousand of students takes advantages from these scholarships and study in abroad free of cost. So we are encourage all of you students to must apply for this scholarship and gain financial support.

Highlights of SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024

  • Study In: Germany
  • Host University: Potsdam universities
  • Scholarship Sponsored by: SBW Berlin
  • Degree Level: Bachelor & Master
  • Deadline: 30 June/December 31 (Annually)

Benefits of SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024

The SBW Berlin Scholarship offers the following benefits to recipients:

  • Tuition fees covered by the scholarship program.
  • SBW Berlin Scholarship offers a shared student flat in Berlin.
  • Cost-of-living allowance provided as per section IX calculation.
  • Travel allowance possible for the journey to and from Berlin.

Eligibility Criteria

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

1. Age Requirement:

  • International students aged 18 to 30 years are eligible.

2. Academic Performance:

  • Average grades equivalent to 2.0 (German grade point) required.

3. Low Household Income:

  • Proof of low income for international applicants.

4. Special Consideration:

  • Recognized refugees and homeless foreigners are eligible.

5. Eligible Countries:

  • Applicants must be from specified countries that mentioned below.

6. No Double Funding:

  • Ineligible if already receiving other German government or organizational funding.

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Eligible Countries

Countries Countries Countries
Afghan Albanian Algerian
Anguillan Angolan Antiguan and Barbudan
Argentine Armenian Azerbaijani
Bahraini Bangladeshi Barbadian
Belarusian Belizean Beninese
Bermudian Bhutanese Bolivian
Bosnian and Herzegovinian Motswana Brazilian
Bulgarian Burkinabe Burundi
Cambodian Cameroonian Cape Verdean
Central African Chadian Chilean
Colombian Comoran Congolese
Congolese Cook Islander Costa Rican
Ivorian Croatian Cuban
Cypriot Djiboutian Dominican
Dominican Ecuadorian Egyptian
Salvadoran Equatorial Guinean Eritrean
Ethiopian Fijian Gabonese
Gambian Ghanaian Grenadian
Guadeloupe Guamanian Guatemalan
Guinean Guyanese Haitian
Honduran Icelandic Indian
Indonesian Iranian Iraqi
Israeli Jamaican Jordanian
Kazakhstani Kenyan I-Kiribati
Korean Kuwaiti Kyrgyzstani
Lao Lebanese Basotho
Liberian Chinese Macedonian
Malagasy Malawian Malaysian
Malian Marshallese Martiniquais
Mauritanian Mauritian Mexican
Micronesian Mongolian Montserratian
Moroccan Mozambican Namibian
Nauruan Nepalese New Caledonian
Nicaraguan Nigerien Nigerian
Niuean Omani Pakistani
Palauan Panamanian Papua New Guinean
Paraguayan Peruvian Philippine
Puerto Rican Qatari Reunionese
Romanian Rwandan Kittitian and Nevisian
Saint Lucian Saint Vincentian Samoan
Sammarinese Sao Tomean Saudi Arabian
Senegalese Seychellois Sierra Leonean
Solomon Islander Somali South African
Sri Lankan Sudanese Surinamese
Swazi Syrian South Sudanese and Kosovo
Taiwanese Tajikistani Tanzanian
Thai Togolese Trinidadian and Tobagonian
Tunisian Turkish Turkmen
Tuvaluan Ugandan Ukrainian
Emirati Uruguayan Uzbekistani
Ni-Vanuatu Venezuelan Vietnamese
Yemeni Zimbabwean Zambian

Required Documents

  • CV/Resume
  • A Recommendation letter
  • Previous Transcripts – Academic Records
  • Admission Letter – Desired Institution
  • A Motivation Letter
  • Low net income evidence.
  • Certificates of Achievements (If Applicable)

How To Apply?

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete Application Form:
    • Fill in the form accurately.
  1. Personal Information:
    • Provide contact details and attach photograph.
  1. Education Details:
    • Include current and past education information.
  1. Household and Family Information:
    • Provide details about parents and household members.
  1. Certificates and Degrees:
    • Mention most recent school/university certificates and highest qualifications.
  1. Occupation and Career Goals:
    • State current occupation and desired career path.
  1. Vocational Training (if applicable):
    • Provide information about any relevant training.
  1. Internships and Work Experience:
    • List your professional experience and internships.
  1. Skills, Hobbies, and Interests:
    • Describe your skills, hobbies, and interests.
  1. Travel Abroad Experience:
    • Share your experiences of traveling abroad.
  1. Volunteering Experience:
    • Highlight any volunteering experiences.


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