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Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs – Imagine waking up in Singapore, getting ready for a thrilling journey through the energetic streets of Bangkok, and then indulging in the mouthwatering Malaysian cuisine. By joining Emirates, where you can soar through the sky as a member of their respected Cabin Crew team, you can have access to such remarkable experiences.

The cabin new members are committed that they give a great service to passengers according to their needs and they’ll be careful about their comfort. The recruiting of cabin crew will take place on open days in 2023, according to Emirates airline. You can also apply GSK UK Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs 2023 : Dream Jobs Await.

The largest and most prestigious airline in the world, Emirates Airlines, provides a tempting package for cabin crew personnel. The Emirates Airlines provide a basic salary of AED 10,170 and the package didn’t end they also offer other benefits like furnished housing in opulent buildings, easy access to transport, large annual leave entitlement, and complementary meals

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Benefits of Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs in 2023:

  • The starting salary for cabin crew members at Emirates Airlines is AED 4,430 per month.
  • In addition to the basic salary, cabin crew members receive flying pay of AED 63.75 per hour. This flying pay is calculated based on an average of 80-100 flying hours per month.
  • Taking into account the basic salary and flying pay, the average total pay for cabin crew members at Emirates is AED 10,170 per month.
  • This average total pay is equivalent to approximately USD 2,770, EUR 2,710, or GBP 2,280, depending on the current exchange rates.
    1. Layover Expenses: During overnight stops, Emirates provides complimentary meal allowances and covers lodging costs.
    2. Accommodation: All Emirates Cabin Crew employees live in Dubai and get a wage that is tax-free. There is furnished housing available, complete with utilities.
    3. Transportation: The business arranges for transportation to and from the Training College and the workplace.
    4. Cabin Crew Uniform: The uniform for the cabin crew is provided by Emirates without charge, and dry cleaning services are available at specific locations in Dubai.
    5. Leaves and Travel Leaves: Each year, Cabin Crew members are given 30 calendar days off. Additionally, their nation of origin receives one complimentary annual leave ticket.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Emirates cabin crew, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Language Skills:
    • Proficient in both written and spoken English. Knowledge of additional languages is advantageous.
  • Personal Qualities:
    • Possess a vibrant personality and exhibit exceptional teamwork skills.
  • Height Requirements:
    • Stand at least 160cm tall and be able to reach a height of 212cm.
  • Visa Requirements:
    • Fulfill the employment visa requirements set by the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, you should have:

  • Experience:
    • Minimum of 1 year of experience in hospitality or customer service roles.
  • Education:
    • Completed at least high school education (Grade 12).
  • Appearance:
    • No visible tattoos while wearing the Emirates cabin crew uniform.

Initial Job Contract:

As per UAE government regulations, the cabin crew contract with Emirates is for a duration of three years.

Cabin Crew Job Duties:

A member of the cabin crew of Emirates performs the following duties:

  • Greeting and assisting passengers with boarding procedures and directions.
  • Preparing the aircraft for departure by ensuring cleanliness and functionality.
  • Providing excellent customer service throughout the flight duration.
  • Serving meals and beverages to passengers in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrating safety procedures and emergency protocols to ensure passenger awareness.
  • Through applying airline policies and rules, maintaining safety and order.
  • Administering first aid and medical assistance when required.
  • Preparing the aircraft for arrival by securing loose items and preparing the cabin.

Advantages of Cabin Crew Jobs:

  • If you got this job you can a chance to travel arround the world.
  • When you travel all over the world then you have a chance to meet new and different types of people and also make a contact with them.
  • Not only you can enjoy the amazing adventure but you will also get a good salary along with it

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Selection process:

After submitting your online application, if selected for an interview, Emirates will promptly notify you via email with precise details about the interview’s location, date, and time. Only chosen candidates will participate in the Emirates recruitment drive.

How to Apply?

Official Website

  • Visit the website that mentioned above.
  • When you review all the information you should start your search for all available positions according to your interest.



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